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To sleep or not to sleep…

I’ve heard it said a thousand times, “sleep when your baby sleeps”. But nearly every parent I’ve known can’t help but stare at their sleeping bundle of joy, still reeling that they actually brought a new human being into the world; or they are just grateful for a few moments of peace (colic is no joke) and revel in the silence.
It’s ok to stay awake, take a shower, pick up around the house OR sleep. There will be many years to accomplish all of the aforementioned. Stare or sleep all you want/can. Take lots of pictures if you are inclined. Find what works for you. Listen to others suggestions, sort through them, try some out, then do exactly what feels right to you.
This goes for how to help your new addition learn to fall asleep and stay asleep. There are so many books, articles, Internet pages, and family/friends advice. What works for one may not work for another, including children in the same household. Back, tummy, side, pacifier or not, blankets or Loveys? The professional opinions have changed so much over the past 20 years. For safety reasons mostly which I agree with but I also know that a baby that sleeps is happier and therefore are his or her parents. Find what works for your child so that you have an opportunity to spend time just staring at their angelic face. Or sleeping, cleaning, showering etc… I promise it will all work out, just trust your instincts and intuition.

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Who am I in the Lives of Children?

I have had the pleasure and true honor of doing exactly what   I have always wanted to do.…work with and for families and children. How I’ve gone about this work has morphed and evolved over time (34 years to date), and this is just one more way I have found to make a connection. 

Whether you find what I have to say helpful, inspiring, been-there-done-that, or just poppycock, that’s OK. My hope and desire is to share what I have studied and learned in school, college, childcare centers, home based programs, home schooling, rearing children (biological, step, relative & non-relative), and conducting numerous presentations and trainings for teachers of young children. 

Furthermore, feedback is highly desired; I welcome any chance to learn and grow while passing on new knowledge to others. 

May all of you have the privilege of following your passion as I have; if not, then finding the passion in what you do. Image

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